April 2013 General Conference Sunday morning session

We have the Mormon Tabernacle Choir providing the music this morning, Henry B Eyring is conducting the session.

President Uchtdorf is asked to give the opening talk this morning. We often feel like we are surrounded by darkness. We might have health problems, issues with our family, or work. It is easy to feel unhappy. A young girl was being abused. In order to survive, she hardened her heart. When she has 18, she learned of the Church, and for the first time, she started to have hope again. She moved away from her home, where she was abused. She felt great. But as her heart softened, she began to confront the realities of what had happened to her when she was younger. She had to learn that darkness exists, but we cannot dwell there. But just as there is darkness, there is also light. She made the decision to help others, and radiate light. She became a teacher, and helped change others. God’s light is real, it is available to us all. We don’t have to wait to start to receive God’s blessings. We should start where we are right now. The darkness might not go away all at once. Talk to God frequently. Walk in the light. We will make mistakes, but if we strive to do right, God will uplift us.

Neil L Anderson of the Twelve is next. He talks about missionary work, and the growth of the Church. We are still a small minority. The announcement about missionary work at the last conference has resulted in an outpouring of new missionaries. We can all be missionaries in our own lives. We don’t need a missionary tag if it is painted on our heart.

Rosemary M Wixom the Primary President is now up. The Lord speaks to us through the spirit. Our children listen to us. A child went missing while shopping with his mother. As many people frantically searched, the mother and another shopper started to quietly walk the rows, quietly calling his name. The child, who was scared and hiding, responded to those who called quietly, rather than those screaming his name. Technology can distract us from talking to our kids. Kinda funny that as she said that, my daughter was calling for me. In the Vietnam war, a pilot was shot down, and captured. No one know if he was living or dead for many months, but finally he was allowed to write to his family, but he was only given 25 words to say to his wife and kids.. “These things are important; Temple marriage, mission, college”

L Whitney Clayton arrives following the intermediate hymn. Faith in Jesus Christ is a key to strengthening marriage. Spouses must repent and forgive each other. In order to repent, we must be humble. There must be respect, husband and wife must treat each other as equal partners. electronics are turned off in order to complete household duties. Husbands and wives should work side by side. They must be loyal to and honest with each other. There should be no secrets. They conduct themselves honorably online. they truly love each other.

L Tom Perry of the Twelve is now up. Fewer people today are religious. We must still observe God’s law. We must remain free of sin, even if it is legal. We still have agency. We cannot underestimate Satan. He will test us. Our choices are actually a test of our agency. The ten commandments are still the standard. As a society, we still value many of these commandments, but some have been forgotten about. Families are being deteriorated. More people are cheating on their spouse. There are moral absolutes. We must be an example.

President Monson is the concluding speaker of this session. We seek knowledge and understanding. There are eternal truths, they are available to all mankind. Keep the commandments, and you will receive truth and light. As a young man, he wanted to have a campfire at their family vacation cabin. They decided they would burn a hole in the field to clear a spot. the fire quickly began to spread out of control. They finally had to go get help. They should have been obedient. Sometimes obedience has an obvious connection to our own personal safety, other times it is not so clear. He told the story of one brother who faithfully set aside his tithing’s for many years, despite the fact that he was living in an area where he had no contact with the church. When he finally got a visit from home teachers, he paid his entire tithe. We can all be blessed with rewards.


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I grew up in Mahopac NY, studied geology at Colgate University. I've moved to Queensbury NY to teach HS earth science. I also coach soccer and wrestling, take pictures at local sporting events, and am the Scoutmaster for the Glens Falls ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. My wife and I will be married 5 years this October, and we have a two and a half year old little girl.
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