General Conference- Sunday Morning

The first session of the day is about to begin.  I will post updates with each speaker.  You can watch live at

President Uchtdorf is conducting the session.  The Mormon Tabernacle Choir is singing.

President Eyring gives the first talk.  He starts off talking about Josephs Smiths imprisonment in Liberty Jail.  There are times where it seems like God is far from us.  But God does not move, we do.  He can still see and hear us, even when we can’t see or hear him.  Sometimes to take a calling, we give up something we want to do.  Sometimes you need to pass up opportunities to remain at a calling.  But through prayer, we can know whats right.  We don’t always get what we want.  Answers to prayers aren’t always what we expect.  We should know we are still being cared for.  We should bless others.

Boyd K Packer, President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles is up next.  He is the longest serving Apostle next to the President of the Church.  He is next in line to be President.  In his first story, he was on a boat in dangerous conditions.  Someone who was supposed to be manning a light went to sleep, so passing to the shore through the reef was impossible.  They finally made it to their destination with minor injuries.  President Packer did not want to know whose responsibility it was to man the light.  All who sin can repent and be worthy.  Christs atonement can heal all.  Christs teachings are our light.

Special musical number

Linda K Burton, the Relief Society President is up speaking now.  We should love one another.  Observe than serve.  Find out who is in need, and what that need is.   There are people all around us who need help.  The good shepard looks out for the one lost sheep.  Service is not always convenient.  We should pray to see what is really needed.  When we are unselfish in our service, we do benifit.

Intermediate hymn “Called to Serve”

Walter F. González of the Presidency of the Seventy is up.  There are different ways of learning things, but knowledge should be spiritually motivated. We should pray, and we should listen.  Then we need to act on the promptings of the spirit.  We cannot feel the Spirit if we ignore the Lord.  Every soul can know with assurity that the Church is true.  The Savior can lift every burden.

Jeffery R Holland is up again.  He is talking about the original Apostles.  They had three years with Christ, and now they were on their own to lead the Church.  It was difficult.  The Savior had tried to prepare them for it, but it was such a huge challenge.  They were all still relatively recent converts.  They tried to get on with their lives, again the Savior reminded them to trust him.  And the Savior needed disiples he could trust.  Once we have accepted Christ, our lives become different.

President Monson is up as the concluding speaker.  We see a lot of negative things around us.  We should consider the blessings in our lives.  Our prayers are heard and answered.  We should watch for those who need encouragement.  Let the Spirit guide us.  He shares some stories on how he was able to provide service and uplift others.  Sometimes when people provide service to us, we help them.  The Lord is in all of our lives, he wants to bless us.  He wants us to seek his help.

Following the final song and prayer, this conference session is closed.  The final session will begin in two hours.


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